Friday, May 24, 2013

Karina Pugliese

Hello everyone,
My name is Karina Pugliese. I started 6 months ago by making a silly video and uploading it to YouTube.
Since my YouTube and Facebook page have evolved tremendously.

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Yes it is spelled wrong, it was an oops that is now unchangeable.
I now have over 13,000 members.
In this new blog we will discuss all different things we women face in life, from cooking to exorcises, to fun and dealing with real life issues.

Karina Pugliese I'm 29 and have a wonderful husband a dog and a cat. When my husband and I first met, I didn't speak a word of English and he could not speak a word of Spanish. It was a challenge at best.

My You Tube       Karina Pugliese You Tube
I have many videos now on exercise beauty tips and my attempt at cooking.

I am the spokes person for a new E gig company Called Mig Cigs.

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